Kentuckians for Freedom

Kentuckians for Freedom

Who We Are

*Pro-Life...every stage of life matters...*

Pro-Limited Government...Rights Reserved for the States...

*Pro-2nd Amendment...Citizens 'Right to Bear Arms'...

*Pro-Traditional Marriage...One Man-One Woman

We are a small group of concerned citizens that published a presidential newsletter to inform people about the main issues in the 2008 presidential election. Please click on the below links and select open to view our newsletter. You have our permission to print and distribute it to anyone you think may be interested, but please leave the newsletter as is, and print without making any changes. Please leave the disclaimer intact.

The document below is legal sized and may not print correctly on home printers. If possible it can be printed on legal sized paper and folded to form a self mailer for convenience in sending it to friends, family, and anyone who may be interested. First class postage is required.

Please click HERE for the Americans for Freedom Legal Size Newsletter

This second document is on regular letter size paper that will work with all home printers. Feel free to print it and distribute it at home, work, and to anyone who might want it. You can print as many copies as you like, help us get the word out!

Please click HERE for the Americans for Freedom Letter Size Newsletter

Also below we have the file available in a PDF. It has a box saying that it is prepaid, but if you mail this it will NOT get sent. It will be returned. If you wish to print and mail this, please put a first class stamp over top of the permit box. Thank you!

Please click HERE for the Americans for Freedom Legal Size Newsletter in PDF format

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