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Before YOU Vote...DO YOUR Homework!

Posted by Deborah on September 26, 2010 at 2:36 PM Comments comments (61)

I was encouraged when I heard the woman ask President Obama about her "new reality", because it was a question many people can relate to across the Country....simple and direct.  See video below for a recap:

Now, after almost two years of "hope & change"'s that working for you?  How much "positive" change has taken place, and are you full of hope?  Lesson learned?  Know your candidate, and DO NOT rely on superficial characteristics, such as "physical attributes", and speaking skills.  Get to know the character of the candidate, and if there are "warning" signs, investigate them.  Does he/she answer your questions directly and to the point?  If not, do you think it will be any different once they arrive in the Washington, D.C. political pit?

When you make that mark next to your candidate, know in your "heart of hearts," you have made positively sure this candidate will represent your values.  Will your candidate adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America, or to the "Party" leadership to which he/she belongs?  Now is the time to ask these tough questions, and let your candidates know you will hold them accountable!  

We are approaching this year's election with our eyes wide open.  We were sold a "bill of goods" two years ago, and people were willing to ingest all the rhetoric in one gigantic gulp.  No one asked the tough questions, and if they did, the typical vague "run around" answer was regurgitated.  If these candidates want the authority to go to Washington, D.C., and construct laws that affect your life, then you had better make sure you know who you are electing to represent you!

Once the questions are asked, I suggest we all designate daily prayer time.  Our Country is at a crossroads, and the outcome of this election can change the permanent direction of this Country forever.  We have been so negligent in our praise to our almighty God; who instilled our Founding Fathers with the inspiration to draft documents durable enough to withstand more than two hundred years.  We are free people, and many do not realize what we have. If we lose our American way of life, it may never be revived.  Pray for your Country, candidates, and ask for guidance.  How touching I think this video is on "prayer", and hope you realize our need for "help" is sincerely needed by the only One who has the power to deliver.

Have YOU Thought About Freedom Lately?

Posted by Deborah on August 7, 2010 at 9:23 AM Comments comments (4)

I woke up this morning to a beautiful, warm, sunny, blue-sky day, in the picturesque Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the greatest Country on this earth, America.  That alone made me :D smile!  I look out and see mature trees, and older homes in this first generation neighborhood.  Many of my neighbors have lived here for generations, and continue to claim this as "home."  When I take in all this "peacefulness", I harbor an ominous feeling of forboding, deep within my soul.  This wonderful place we Americans call "home" is changing before our eyes.


Why is "freedom" taken for granted here?  Simply, because we have never known any life, but one that is "free."  God granted Adam freedom, by allowing him to exhibit "free will", and every man and woman since Adam, has been given this God granted right.  God did not form a robot to talk with Hin in the Garden of Eden, and answer every question correctly, and do exactly as was programmed.  Had this been the case, Eve would never have been deceived, and Adam would not have had a choice, to follow Eve's first bite of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  They both would have obediently followed every command God requested.  Of course, the "enjoyment factor" for God would have been greatly diminished, for where is the "joy" if you are not loved by choice? 


We love America, not because we are forced or "prorammed" to love this Country, but like God gave Adam....we are given freedom, unlike some in other Countries, who know nothing of such a God given right.  Our Christian founding, traditions, work ethic, generosity, and initiative, have been envied the world over.  Freedom has been a beacon of light, and refuge for millions, from our very inception.  We love, cling, and boast of our American freedom.

If you cherish what you now have, and have always known, be alert for the change that is on our horizon.  Laws have been passed, by hook or crook, that many members of your elected Congress have not read.  Thousands of pages of rules and regulations have been incerted, that have nothing to do with the "titled" law.  The "acquiring" of student loans has nothing to do with healthcare, as just one example.  Your health is now administered by non elected officials, and as time marches forward, you will see more and more intrusion into your healthcare.  Trillions of dollars are owed by our Government, but they continue to spend, as if it grows on trees, instead of the sweat from hard working Americans.  The borrower is always a "slave" to the lender, as taught in the Bible.  For our own good, and that of our Country, it is imperative we become fiscially sound, or we will become a slave, one way or another. 

Pay attention citizens to what you love about your life here in these United States of America, and think about your willingness to give it up.  That is what your Government is slowly doing, chipping away your freedoms, covertly, so you will not be aware....until one day, an announcement will be made...."For the good of the United States, we now need to....."  It will be presented as a "last ditch effort to "save" us from "whatever", but in reality, it is the noose around your neck, to drag you along into a "socialist" environment, or worse, where the elite Government will tell all us "peons" what to do.  

Think about your "freedom" in this magnificant Country, and consider the candidates you send to Washington, D.C.  Will they promote or hinder your freedoms?  Don't hesitate to ask the tough questions now, and let them know you expect accountability.  If they say one thing, and do another in office, they will be "history" at the next election.  There is no time for apathy.

We the People have to rise to the challenge to protect our freedoms.