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Tune in to watch The Rest of the News, typically with host Dr. Frank Simon.
all the news you should know but won't find on most stations.
Host is Frank G Simon. Topics and co-hosts change each week.

Thursdays 9 AM, 6:30 PM on WBNA 21.3
       Insight Digital 285 Boxless 74.6
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Host - Frank G Simon, MD
PO Box 6418
Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: 502-895-5025
e-mail: [email protected]

The Rest of the News
CGM Videos

Portals to some of our Conservative Group Movement videos are here

#001. District of Corruption (first few minutes)

#002. Phyllis Schlafly on Voter Turnout and Out of Touch Political Establishment

The Rest of the News
Pro-Life Event Videos

Portals to some of our pro-life videos are here,
including the Doctor's for Life videos.

#001. Doctors for Life 2016
with Pastor Cecil Blye Jr.

#002. Planned Parenthood Pro-Life Rally Part 1

#003. The Project (Muslim Brotherhood)

#003. Planned Parenthood Pro-Life Rally Part 2

#004 Bishop E. W. Jackson

#004. Eugenics of Abortion Interview (Mark Crutcher III)

#005. Days of Elijah (Donnie McClurkin, singer)

#005. Doctors for Life 2015 Introduction and Invocation

#006. Muslim Brotherhood

#006. Doctors for Life 2015 Keynote Part 1

#007. Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam

#007. Doctors for Life 2015 Keynote Part 2

#008. One Nation Under God

#008. Doctors for Life 2015 Q & A and Wrap Up

#009a Indoctrination with Jim Waters (Bluegrass Institute)

#009. Doctors for Life 2015 Closing Comments

#009b. Indoctrination (Part 2)

#010. KY Right to Life Rally 2015

#010. Curtis Bowers on Agenda 1

#011. KY Right to Life Rally 2015 Part 2

#011 Classic Hymns (vocalist Robert Caughron)

#012 Doctors for Life 2014

Priscilla K Coleman: Risk Factors for Post-Abortion Women

#012 The Creature from Jekyll Island (The Federal Reserve)

#013a Kitty Werthman Interview

#013b The Secret Life of Adolph Hitler

#014 Major General Carl Black

#015 Restore America

#016 Rediscovering God in America (see link to order DVD)

#017 Marty Fox on Obama Policies

#018 AFA Conference: Rediscovering God in America

#019 Rabbi Cahn & Dr. Ben Carson

#020 Alin Neamtu

#021 Sick and Sicker Promo

#022 Gianna Jessen: Abortion Attempt Survivor

#023 Norma McCorvey: Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade

#024 Melissa Ohden: Abortion Attempt Survivor

#025a Common Core

#038 The Determinators

#040. Youth Revival: Kyle Deaton Interview

#064. Can We Stop America's Coming Implosion?

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